Traveling Through Asia: Best UNESCO Heritage Sites

Traveling in different parts of the world could be the most exciting and the most thrilling experience which is perfect for an outgoing person. It can be a source the most memorable experience of a person. On top of that, you will be able to learn a lot of things and you will grow as an individual as well. With so many tourist destinations in the world, the biggest question is, “where to go?” Here, that question will be answered. So, keep on reading and have some idea of the best destinations here on this planet.

The continent of Asia is the largest one in the whole world. Thus, it only means that the possible tourist destination is overwhelming in number and deciding what to pick for your travel is really tough. Moreover, Asia is rich in different culture and the lifestyle of the people from is absolutely awesome. What are the best spot in Asia that is perfect for your travel? UNESCO has a list of heritage sites that you can visit in Asia.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

  • This place is a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the city life.
    • Most visited place in the said country and the most sought after tourist spot there.
    • Lots of monks in orange robe that stays in numerous temples in this northern capital of Thailand.
    • Exhibits a very rich culture of Thai people.

Penang, Malaysia

  • Tagged as the “Pearl of the Orient”, this place is the perfect one for you to relax and appreciate nature.
    • Eat some of the best authentic Malaysian Cuisine.
    • This place is also the home for thousands of nesting sea turtles.

Singapore City

  • This is the best place for travelers with tight travelling budget.
    • Singapore is tiny yet it is a green and modern Country/City that is worth to visit.
    • Rich in mixed cultures so you’re strolling in the place will be a very good experience.
    • Most of the people can speak good English so you can mingle and party more to locals.

Borneo, Malaysia

  • The place is perfect for Nature lover individuals. Sabah houses a number of rainforests in the region and it’s the home of endangered Orangutans.
    • This is a home of indigenous culture that is worth the travel.
    • Borneo stands in the midst of Developed and wild.

Siem Reap, Cambodia

  • The renowned Angkor Wat can be found in this place. The temple is approximately 900 years of age already.
    • It is serving more than a million visitors each year.
    • Visit the Angkor temple scattered in 600 miles of jungle.

Beijing, China

  • The crowded streets, the pollution – will you hate it or love it? This place is the heart of the Asia’s giant.
    • Some of the parts of Great Wall of China lie on this place.
    • Take some photos with the Forbidden City in your background as well.

Bali, Indonesia

  • Considered as one of the top tourist destination in Asia, Bali is a perfect place for surfers and newlywed couples.
    • The place lies in a volcanic belt and home of numbers of beaches.
    • This will work well for your holiday get away.