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European cities to visit

Planning a trip to Europe can be one of the most exciting and nerve-racking things you’ve ever done at the exact same time – especially if you’ve never been there.

There’s just so much to see and do in Europe, so much history and culture to try and so can in a relatively short period of time, that you’re always going to feel like you’ve left something special out.

And though it is absolutely patently impossible to do absolutely everything and anything that Europe has to offer in just a few short weeks, few short months, or even few short years – there are a number of European cities that you simply cannot skip, regardless how short your trip is.

Here are just a few of the European cities to visit that you cannot skip out on.


Literally millions and millions of people around the world has said that if there was just one city that you could this in all of Europe, you need to make it Prague. One of the most beautiful, exciting, interesting, and historical cities in all of Europe (some have even refer to it as the adult Disneyland), this is the kind of European city to visit that you’ll always feel bad about ignoring.


People that have visited Siena have called it the “place that time stops”, one of the most aesthetically pleasing and truly downright gorgeous cities in all of Europe. Not only that, but there is tons and tons of history and culture packed right into this incredible city – making it one of the absolute must visit European cities there are.


You’d have to be at least a little bit crazy to ignore all that Rome has to offer when building a list of European cities to visit. Not only does Rome have just about anything that the history buff or culture buff could ever want, but it also has an exciting blend of modern attractions and amenities that are picture perfectly executed alongside thousands of years old architecture.


Surprise surprise, Paris makes the list.

Definitely ranked as one of the very best European cities to visit year in and year out, Paris can feel a little bit “overdone” – in a differently won’t be one of the more obscure European cities you decide to visit – but it still has that romance, history, and culture that sucks people in every single year.

Traveling Through Asia: Best UNESCO Heritage Sites

Traveling in different parts of the world could be the most exciting and the most thrilling experience which is perfect for an outgoing person. It can be a source the most memorable experience of a person. On top of that, you will be able to learn a lot of things and you will grow as an individual as well. With so many tourist destinations in the world, the biggest question is, “where to go?” Here, that question will be answered. So, keep on reading and have some idea of the best destinations here on this planet.

The continent of Asia is the largest one in the whole world. Thus, it only means that the possible tourist destination is overwhelming in number and deciding what to pick for your travel is really tough. Moreover, Asia is rich in different culture and the lifestyle of the people from is absolutely awesome. What are the best spot in Asia that is perfect for your travel? UNESCO has a list of heritage sites that you can visit in Asia.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

  • This place is a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the city life.
    • Most visited place in the said country and the most sought after tourist spot there.
    • Lots of monks in orange robe that stays in numerous temples in this northern capital of Thailand.
    • Exhibits a very rich culture of Thai people.

Penang, Malaysia

  • Tagged as the “Pearl of the Orient”, this place is the perfect one for you to relax and appreciate nature.
    • Eat some of the best authentic Malaysian Cuisine.
    • This place is also the home for thousands of nesting sea turtles.

Singapore City

  • This is the best place for travelers with tight travelling budget.
    • Singapore is tiny yet it is a green and modern Country/City that is worth to visit.
    • Rich in mixed cultures so you’re strolling in the place will be a very good experience.
    • Most of the people can speak good English so you can mingle and party more to locals.

Borneo, Malaysia

  • The place is perfect for Nature lover individuals. Sabah houses a number of rainforests in the region and it’s the home of endangered Orangutans.
    • This is a home of indigenous culture that is worth the travel.
    • Borneo stands in the midst of Developed and wild.

Siem Reap, Cambodia

  • The renowned Angkor Wat can be found in this place. The temple is approximately 900 years of age already.
    • It is serving more than a million visitors each year.
    • Visit the Angkor temple scattered in 600 miles of jungle.

Beijing, China

  • The crowded streets, the pollution – will you hate it or love it? This place is the heart of the Asia’s giant.
    • Some of the parts of Great Wall of China lie on this place.
    • Take some photos with the Forbidden City in your background as well.

Bali, Indonesia

  • Considered as one of the top tourist destination in Asia, Bali is a perfect place for surfers and newlywed couples.
    • The place lies in a volcanic belt and home of numbers of beaches.
    • This will work well for your holiday get away.

Importance of Healthy Nutrition

Better health is probably the most significance of nutrition. Like a fined tuned racing car, the body also needs the right kind of food and regular maintenance. Healthy eating can provide you with energy and vitality to deal with everyday life, help maintain proper weight, boost your immune system, delay the aging effects, and improve your sports endurance. Other importance of proper nutrition includes the following.

  • Delay aging effects
  • Enhance focus, concentration, and your ability to alter mood
  • Keep teeth and guns healthy
  • Helps beat fatigue and tiredness
  • Keep you stay fit and active at old age.
  • Prevent serious diseases such as certain cancers, heart diseases, diabetes, gallbladder diseases, and more

Healthy Eating for Proper Nutrition

 Eating low fat is one of the primary steps that you need to take to achieve proper nutrition. Cutting down your fat intake from fried foods, cream, butter, oils, and margarine can help you keep your body healthy. Cutting down your fat intake will not just make your diet healthier, but will also help you reduce excess weight. Low fat foods are also good for the heart.

Increasing your carbohydrates intake can also help you achieve and maintain proper nutrition. In this modern era, people have long forgotten the importance of potatoes, bread, rice, and cereals. Also, starch can provide you with significant health benefits that you are not aware of.  Carbohydrates and starch can be as critical as fiber.

High fiber foods are not just for the brain. Fiber not just helps the body regulate the digestive system from digesting the foods that you eat, but also helps lower cholesterol, prevents bowel cancers, gallstones, and keeps your weight in check. Fiber-rich foods like grain, lentils, brown rice, vegetables, beans, and whole meals are the types of foods that you should include in your diet.

Drinking plenty of fluid is another way to maintain proper nutrition.  Drink at least 8 glasses of fluid everyday to keep your body rehydrated and to help your kidney work properly. Reduce your intake of coffee and alcoholic beverages as these things force the kidneys to secrete more fluids than usual.

Increasing your vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants intake is another way to obtain proper nutrition. Fruits, grains, and vegetables are abundant sources of vitamins and minerals as well as the essential substances that the body needs for proper nutrition. Studies have proven that eating lots of fruits and vegetables can help a person lower the risks of cancer and heart diseases.  

Finally, enjoying your mealtime can help you maintain proper health and nutrition. Tension, stress, and eating on the go can cause risks not just to your digestion, but to your general health. When mealtime comes, try to relax, and take time to appreciate and enjoy the foods that you are about to eat. Doing this will not just make you enjoy and get satisfied with your meal, but also have your stomach full comfortably. Enjoying your meal is a proven technique to lose weight according to experts.

Travel the World For Less

Many people wish they could travel more, but few actually do because traveling can be expensive, especially if you go out of the country.  However, if you know where to look, you can find ways to travel on a budget that will take you to the places you’ve always wanted to see. 

There are some destinations in the world that are still very cheap to travel to, but you can go almost anywhere in the world on a budget.  Budget tourism is becoming more popular, especially with young people and retired folks who don’t have as much money to spend on travel.

Travel During Low-Season

One way to save money when you travel is to fly to the destination of your choice during the low-season.  While you may not have the best weather for your trip, you can save a lot of money on airfare, lodging and sometimes transportation in many areas when you travel during the low-season. 

When planning to visit countries like Greece or Ireland during the low-seasons, plan your trip and call ahead to see if they places you wish to visit are open.  Many businesses, hotels and restaurants close during the low-season.  However, there is a trade-off, you won’t have to put up with the crowds to see popular tourist sites.

Alternatives to Hotels

If you don’t mind roughing it a little, you can find many budget accommodations in most countries and large cities that you want to visit.  For the younger crowd, youth hostels are a great way to travel and meet people from all over the world.  You may have to share bedrooms and do chores, but you can generally find overnight lodging for just a few dollars a night. 

For older travelers, elder hostels, which changed its name to Road Scholar, are available all over the world, including the United States.  They offer lodging and educational or cultural tours for travelers that are at least 55 years old.  Many of the tours offer lodging, tours, meals and transportation and you can find tours to fit all budgets.

Cheap Transportation

Rather than rent a car when you reach your destination, you can often use public transportation that will cost much less than rental fees for a vehicle.  If you are traveling between countries, especially in Europe, you can purchase train tickets that will take you between cities or countries for far less than airplane fare or rental fees for a private vehicle. 

Don’t overlook the value of walking or cycling when you are in compact cities as well.  Parking can often be an issue when you are in a large city, but if you are using public transportation, a bicycle or walking, you won’t have to worry about parking a car and paying fees to do so.  It’s also a great way to see the city up close.

Try a Resort

If you are heading someplace warm and close to the beach, try booking an all-inclusive resort when visiting Mexico or the Caribbean.  These resorts offer a room, meals, beverages and some include activities to enjoy while you’re there.  For instance, you may be able to book space at a resort in Cabo San Lucas during the summer months for about $215 per night double occupancy.  With the room, all of your meals, beverages and some activities included in the price, you can enjoy yourself for far less than if you booked a room in a regular hotel.

Trying budget tourism is a great way to see the world without spending a fortune.  You just have to be willing to be more adventurous when you travel.

What to Wear on Backpacking Trips in Asia

The Asian continent is filled with beautiful exotic locales, amazing food, and friendly people.  Many of the countries in Asia offer chances to travel and sightsee for just a few dollars a day.  Instead of venturing out on your own backpacking in Asia, there are several tours you can take that will lead you through one or more of the 47 countries that make up the Asian continent. 

Asia is the largest of the seven continents and the diversity it offers is stunning.  You can enjoy time on some of the most beautiful white sand beaches in Thailand, the Philippines or Indonesia.  Visit the rainforests in Borneo, Laos or Cambodia or hike the Himalayans in Nepal, Tibet or India.  There is so much to see in Asia and in many countries, with the exception of Hong Kong, Japan and a couple of other areas, you can travel and eat for about $28 to $35 USD per day. 

Why Book a Tour?

Rather than go it on your own backpacking in Asia, when you book a tour you will be lead by guide that is knowledgeable about the country you’re traveling and they are familiar with the language and the people.  You will also get to meet other travelers and get to share your experiences as you travel Asia.  Plus, when you’re in unfamiliar territory, there is safety in numbers and you don’t have to worry so much about falling prey to con artists and thieves when you’re part of a group.

What to Wear in Asia

When you go backpacking in Asia, there are certain items you want to make sure and add to your pack.  However, the best thing you can do is pack light when you’re traveling with a backpack.  There are many items you really don’t need to take with you and you can buy them for much less while you’re in Asia.  A medium size rucksack of about 35 to 40 liters should be all you need to comfortably get around the continent.

Clothing is one of the essential items that you will need to take with you, but try to carry a minimum amount of clothing, especially tee shirts.  More than likely, you will pick up a tee shirt or two as souvenirs, so you really don’t need to take more than two with you.  You can substitute a tee shirt for a polo shirt if you want something dressier.  Also carry one long sleeved shirt, preferably one in which the sleeves unbutton and roll up.

Carry one thin microfleece jacket in case it gets cool in the evenings or, if you know you are going somewhere colder, carry a thicker fleece jacket with you.  Two pairs of pants made from cotton or special blended fabrics you can buy at outdoor stores should be enough for your trip.  Women may wish to carry a wrap around skirt and a thin cardigan if they are traveling in areas where showing too much skin can bring them unwanted attention.

Leggings are lighter than jeans and they can be worn under other clothing if it does get cold, plus they are easier to clean and dry quickly. 

Neither men or women should consider wearing shorts as that immediately lets people know you are a tourist.  Just take a few days worth of underwear with you, as well as three to six pairs of socks.  For footwear, sandals and lightweight trail running shoes are great for walking in when the weather is warm.  You can get more complete lists about what you should take when backpacking in Asia on the Internet.

How to Make Backpacking in Europe More Fun

The word “Eurotrip” is what a lot of people out there are dreaming about. It is a must-visit place for them. However, planning your backpacking in Europe is not that easy. Despite the help of the modern technology and gadgets, it is still tough to plan everything in this sort of activity. But here, you can get some useful information about this matter.

Be committed with your plan. Eurotrip can be very expensive most especially if you are residing outside of Europe, so make up your mind before you go for you to be able to find the activity more fun rather than finding it a bit of disappointment. If you will come from the US, airfare alone will cost you about $1000.

Secure a passport if you don’t have one yet. Were to go? This is the hardest thing most probably. You will have to plan and arrange this based on different factors. Examples of such are your time to spend in your travel, your budget, the counties you want to go, the cities you want to visit, the  monuments and the tourist spots and a lot more. If you can, make a top-ten list then choose afterwards.

Figure the route out. You can use Google maps in doing this. Map-out your preferred travel plan for a more organized backpacking. Plan the time that you’re going to spend in the place you chose. You have to plan how much time you will spend in a specific place before hand. This is very important to get rid of hassle in your travel plan.

Choose the mode of transportation to take. Well… traditionally, the most preferred mode of travel in Europe is the railway or train. However, that was before. Today, there are local airlines that can even cost as little as 10 euro. But still, everything is up to you.

Plan how you are going to spend your budget to avoid some issues in your budget. It is better for you to plan ahead of time. You can check-out the costs of airfare, eurail, hotels, prices of the main attraction that you will visit and the food expenses online. Book the room in the hotel in advance to avoid hassles when you get there. There are also mode of travel that are offering booking in advance so make sure that you do this before you travel.

When you have already sketched-out, you can then buy plane tickets. If you already have a schedule, route plan, hotel reservations and other things needed, it’s time for you to buy your plane tickets. You can try flexible dates and cheaper airfare. You can visit several airline company web sites before coming-up with a decision in order for you to find the greatest deals.

Prepare you backpack. Make sure to look for the bests stuff. If you are planning to be moving around more make it sure that you choose to pick the most comfortable backpack that you can find since you will carry it most of the time. Off you go. Keep all your important documents intact and make sure that you have someone to call to whenever you encountered some unexpected issues.

A Green Diet is a Healthy Diet

There are some foods that can minimize the probability of inflammation and they help your weight controlling hormones to functions exceptionally well, control your appetite and cravings and balance your blood sugar. These foods includes vegetables, fruits, oily fish, seeds and nuts and their essential oils, herbs, whole grains, and spices. All of these can actually be used for a healthy green diet.

Going Green with Your Diet

  • Spices and herbs are very important. Why? Because they are particularly rich in essential antioxidants and other substances that can protect the cells of the body from damages created during an inflammatory process. Antioxidants work like protective parent that forms a shield surrounding the body’s cells. And they absorb the free radicals, losing destructive energy and being excreted safely outside the body.
  • Cutting your apple in have and leaving one half for 20 minutes uncovered, you will see a free radicals damage occurring. The apple will start to dries up and go brown because it actually reacts with free radicals forming because of the oxygen. But, if you try to soak the other half of the apple in a lemon juice, it will retain its natural texture and color. This is so because it is being protected and coated by the essential vitamin c from the lemon juice. Indeed, Vitamin C is an extremely powerful antioxidant.
  • The anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties of spices and herbs encourage burning of fats and reduce fat storage. In addition to that, they add excitement and much flavor to the food, which will result in decreased salt consumption. Too much of salt can prompt fluid retention, which is another fat loss adversary.
  • It seems like every diet people have tried involved much of shopping. And that all the essential nutrients are richest in all fresh foods, but after struggling to shop for fresh foods, they will always return to those ready to eat chilled foods. Now, people learned that frozen vegetables and fruits are also packed with all the nutrients just like their fresh counterpart. So, if you have few bags of frozen vegetables and fruits, you can always make your own smoothies and soup. With this, you will be able to handle your weight problems.
  • Drinking cold green tea combined or mixed with fruit juices and water when your hunger strikes, can make a different on your appetite. People often confuse their hunger with their thirst. Water can actually get rid of your hunger, but water is unexciting. Green tea blended with sweet, vitamin rich fruit juice, topped-up with water is definitely the best idea. It is definitely a filling, more exciting, fat burning solution when water isn’t enough for you.
  • Always have apples and almonds in your handbag. Why? It’s because apples are rich in pectin, which helps in reducing fat absorption. And they are also rich with soluble fiber, which helps in slowing down sugar absorption in the bloodstream. While almonds are great protein and fat combination. When these two are combined, they will make great, filling, fat burning snack.