Welcome to The Tropical Sunset!

Hey it’s Katie Moreno here. It feels weird talking about myself like this.I believe it is necessary so you my dear viewer can connect to me. So without any further ado here’s Katie uncensored.

I’m from Oregon and in another life I was a hair dresser. After a few years I got bored of hair this is why I’ve switched. My inner artist awakened and started painting.Some consider me talented, yet I know that it took me countless hours which turned into years to get to this point.

Why does my blog exist? I’ve created it to share with likeminded individuals all the things that I go through day by day. I love talking about tourist destination. Even though I haven’t gotten out from the states just yet I dream that one day I will travel the world.

I have my passport. This is the first step right? Besides traveling I’m into fashion and lifestyle. I try to frequently blog about these topics.  Not long ago I’ve found out about vision boards. Many people have used it like Oprah and Tony Robbins to name a few.

This is why I’ve decided to create mine. With the help of this blog I want to achieve my goals pinned on this vision board.

My first dream would be to go and live in Paris. For me it’s the art capital of the world. And I want to live there to soak up everything that is linked to painting and creating.  I’ve learned some French in high school. I probably have to brush up on it before I book my plane ticket. Living there for a few months I bet that I will be able to create amazing paintings.

My next dream would be travelling across Asia. When somebody mentions to me Asia the first thing that pops into my mind is azure water, warm weather and amazing beaches. In the near future I want to travel there and explore the culture. I don’t have any place in mind. I would love to go there and just get lost and have fun.

While in the neighborhood I would love to swim with dolpins. This has been my childhood dream. Dolphins are smart animals and they love to have fun just like me. Swimming with them will be amazing.

Next on my list is seeing and petting Koala bears. They are so innocent cuddly creatures I don’t know how will I force myself not to pack one in my bag and bring it back home. Have you seen their eyes? They are so so cute.

And last but not least I want to read more. I know, I know this sounds like a cheesy New Year’s resolution. But I really want to read more. After college the number of books I’ve read is in the negative. Don’t ask me how, but I’ve managed to do that.

This is my vision board. These are my dreams that I want to achieve. This blog is a sneak peek into the life of an artist.

For me to be creative I need a great diet. Too much sugar and processed food clouds my mind. This is why I have adopted a healthy lifestyle. Time and time again I go vegetarian. You can’ t believe how creative I’m during those periods.

Besides a healthy diet I work out. Health comes from great food and fitness. This all leads to out of this world artistic vision. Hop on the wagon and enjoy the journey.